Manifestation and Moon Cycles

The moon is a powerful celestial body and the closest one to our planet. It controls the tides of the ocean, and we ourselves are 70% water, so if you think about it, it’s not that far fetched that we would also be affected by the moon.

As early as 400 BC, philosophers and doctors have asserted that the moon causes behavioral changes and patters. The word “lunatic” reflects this idea and points to the assumption that our mental state can be related to the cycle the moon is in.

The effects of the moon can be emotional, physical, or even mental, and by understanding the different phases of the moon we can act and move with the rhythm of the cycle and move more smoothly than if we work against.

full moon over city skyline during night timeLet’s talk about moon phases!

  1. New Moon
  2. First Quarter
  3. Full Moon
  4. Last Quarter

The New Moon

The New Moon is the start of the lunar cycle and the time when the moon is the least visible. At this time, Earth is facing the shadowed side of the moon.

silhouette of trees during night time

This dark phase is said to be a good time to reflect inwards and think about what you want to come next. It’s like the fall and winter for the moon cycle, you think about what went well and what went wrong during the last year of harvest, recharge and reflect, and then plant your seeds for the upcoming year. This is a time for setting goals and preparing for action.

Manifest reaching your goals during this time. Pinpoint the place you would like to move towards in life, and practice writing gratitude for actively reaching this goal. Imagine how excited you will feel and where in your body you feel it, warmth in your chest or eyes wanting to shed happy tears.

If you are unfamiliar with manifesting, this may sound like a reach, but the power of setting your intentions and restricting your energy to believe you can and have already reached your goals has worked wonders for many successful spiritual people.

The Waxing Moon and the First Quarter

After the New Moon, the moon is a tiny slice of crescent and this phase is called the Waxing Crescent. As this phase opens up, the moon slice widens a bit each day until a whole half is illuminated.

moon photo

When the moon is waxing, the energy of the moon is expansion. This follows the planting of seeds in the New Moon, during Waxing Crescent, your seeds are growing outward and bringing thought and intention to reality. During this time, your energy should be in a action mode. Extend your energy to expansion and take note of your obstacles, always on the look out for solutions to your difficulties. Allow this energy of growth and movement to take you past your obstacles and into a place of development and achievement. Those goals you set in the New Moon, now is the time to work towards them and clear anything standing in your way.

The moon continues to wax and expand as the cycle enters the phase of the New Moon. At this time, half of the moon illuminated and the first quarter of the cycle finished. This part of the Lunar cycle is still in the energy of building light and expansion, and as such you should continue to work in the energy of growth and productivity.

Following the New Moon, the Waxing Gibbous will come into play. The moon will appear more than half lit and the light will continue to creep across the moon's surface until it reaches a Full Moon.

Full Moon

The Full Moon is a powerful part of the Lunar cycle. Studies have shown that people get less sleep and commit more crimes during the Full Moon. During this time, there is more moonlight and the height of the tides changes.

mountain ranges during nighttime

Energy at this time can feel almost electric, full to the brim. This is a good time to reflect and release what no longer serves you. During this time, after the action of the first half of the moon cycle, you can now step into the world and notice what your seeds have begun to create. Harvest the rewards of the actions you have taken towards your goal and reflect on all you have accomplished. Express gratitude for how your New Moon seeds have grown into the light and will continue to do so in the second half of the Lunar cycle.

The Waning Moon and Last Quarter

Following the full and total illumination of the Full Moon, for the rest of the Lunar cycle the moon will be waning. This means it gets a little smaller each day. This is a good time to tap into intuition and slow down. The first half of the cycle is for action, now it is time to let up a little and let transformation occur.

green trees under blue sky during daytime

The energy of the moon at this time is more passive and gentle than the active, energetic feel of the first half of the cycle. Rather than acting, you should be reflecting and listening to your intuition. Think about what went well this past cycle, and how you want to alter your goals and shift directions for the next energetic cycle. By doing this, you are prepared for the New Moon once again, you can set your intentions, plant your seeds, work towards your goals, and notice just how far you can get.

By moving with the rhythm of the Lunar cycle, you will feel more energized and smooth rather than fighting against the energy that will exist all around you regardless. Following rituals inspired by the cycles of the moon is a process that has been around for hundreds upon hundreds of years. We recognize how powerful the moon is at affecting the oceans and even other creatures, so why shouldn’t we acknowledge how that may play a part in our bodies and minds as well?

total lunar eclipse

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