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With great excitement, welcome to the first Supernature blog post! Supernature’s first Kickstarter event will be launching in February, stay tuned for more updates on that!

With the launch in the works, I want to introduce the company and tell you guys a little about what Supernature is all about.

Where did Supernature come from?

I’ve always been fascinated by folklore and the art it inspires, and for a while I had been thinking about starting a company to sell my illustrations and art revolving around this folklore theme. A couple years ago I heard a French Disco song called Supernature by Cerrone, and the mood it inspired just clicked. It felt like everything I want to encompass with the supernatural, the ethereal, and the mystic. Themes grew from there, it’s a rich landscape of lore and fairy tales. 

When did an interest in fantasy begin in your life?

I've always been intrigued by Greek gods, fairy tales, and all sorts of things like that. I'm definitely the kid who was drawing fantasy maps and inventing languages in middle school. My fashion choices during that era were either glitter crop tops or those giant flame dragon hawaiian shirts. Nothing wrong with either of those things, but I'm hoping to somehow meet in the middle in the future, and bring storybook style classic illustration to people with similar interests. It's an evolving process.

Even if you don't practice capital W Witchcraft you can have an affinity for mythology and folklore. Tarot cards and fortune telling can be almost a meditative, reflective process that can help you focus on your unconscious feelings and intuition about problems, and even aid in problem solving. Parables and folktales can help you reframe problems or understand society at large. And an understanding and empathy for the earth around you can help you be a better citizen and resident of the planet. With Supernature, we want to bring pieces of all of this and cultivate a creative space where folklore and mythology is shared as the source of inspiration and creativity.

How will Supernature grow and what should it mean to others?

The link between magic and creativity is an extremely strong cultural connection. Magic is the ability to create a reality that you desire. That's a really  strong inspiration for me that I have come back to throughout my life. I would say I'm agnostic most days (how can we know the divine?), but I believe in gods or spirits of creativity, and I feel connected to them and like I'm fulfilling my "purpose" when I have the space to create.

I know I'm not the only person to feel this way, and I would like to help create a world where other people feel both comfortable with themselves as creative people and inspired to make art (whether that be drawing, music, writing, gardening, cooking, or other media). 

For our initial Kickstarter launch in January, we will start with a collection of pins, and the more money you pledge, the more pin designs you get. When the store fully launches soon after, we will begin with a batch of pins, patches, stickers, mugs, bookmarks, masks, and other adornment. 

As we grow, we will expand to custom cut-and-sewn items such as button-down shirts, knit socks, bags, and other sundries for folklore lovers. 

I am excited to share Supernature with you! I hope to grow and evolve this company to create art and fashion that inspires the ethereal and magical feelings of folklore. Come along as we cultivate this space for magic and creativity. Hopefully it resonates and inspires in you the same feelings it inspires in me.

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