Welcoming the New Zodiac Season: LEO!

July 23rd marks the first day of the Leo season, meaning the sun moved its way over to Leo. Whatever your zodiac sign may be, the energy surrounding many interactions, thoughts, and motion is effected by whatever sign the sun is currently in. So what does that mean for Leo season and how might you expect to see its energy in your life for the next month?

Good question! The main aspect of Leo energy is passion. Leos are motivated by love for other people, life, and growth, and this passion for living and loving can be inspiring if you allow yourself to feel it! Take this time to love fiercely and shine just as bright. Leos are ruled by the sun, so Leo season should be a time of energy, brightness, and warmth. Revel in those energies and allow them to inspire your actions towards love and motion. 

Leo Profile

Let's shine a little spotlight on the Leo archetype. Leos are one of the three fire signs along with Aries and Sagittarius. Fire signs are known for being warm and enthusiastic, always laughing, smiling, and enjoying life overall. Leos in particular are no exception, they are known for their brightness. They also enjoy being in the spotlight, so if you know any Leos, pass this article along because I'm sure they would love to read it! 

The sign for Leo is lion, and the attributes are similar. Leos are brave and powerful signs, not afraid to back down from a challenge and often coming out on top.

Leos are creative, passionate, warm, cheerful, and humorous. Weaknesses include being arrogant, self-centered, and inflexible. 

How does Leo season affect relationships?

During Leo season, you may find yourself feeling extra passionate about your partner. Leo season often inspires a desire for fun, so you may have more energy when planning outings and dates, allow this to encourage you to try something new like checking out a new hobby together or going somewhere you have never been! 

How does Leo season affect job success?

This is a good time for career growth! Leo energy may allow you to grab the microphone at work and revel when all eyes are on you. Take the stage and make the changes you've been wanting to make when it comes to your work life. You may find a little extra courage and charisma during this time, so ride that wave and let it improve your work environment. 

Leo season lasts until the full moon on August 22, so let that fiery energy inspire love and creativity in your life and live it up while it lasts!

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