Custom Bookplates Commission

Custom Bookplates Commission

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Commissions Terms of Service


Please provide clear descriptions and reference material if needed. If you are unsure about your vision of the artwork, we can develop a concept together with a clear composition. Communication is held via email ( or otherwise specified medium.


Commissions up to $100 USD are paid in full upfront. Above $100, the payment is split into 50% upfront and 50% on completion of artistic process. For convenience, an invoice will be provided to the client. All payments are received via Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo unless otherwise specified by artist. 


1. CONCEPT: We discuss commission level, structure, concept, medium, deadline, and artistic style. A preliminary quote is named. The client sends a full text description of their idea and any associated reference. 

2. SKETCH: The artist provides thumbnail rough sketches for the client to present the composition. Alterations are allowed at this stage. The client picks one sketch that they are most happy with and the final quote is named. 

3. Full or half payment is sent to the artist. From this point on, the commission is in process. Major changes are free at sketching stage, and after the sketch stage fees are applied per change (up to 3 changes allowed). Change fees must be paid before further work is started. 

4. Completed images are delivered in format specified only after final payment is received. Artist retains right to use for marketing purposes (streaming, process videos, portfolios, social platforms) unless client has paid additional fee. 


Both parties discuss deadline before any payment is sent. The usual completion time can vary from two weeks up to a year depending on scale of project. If a client has a fixed deadline but did not inform the artist of it before payment, the artist is not obligated to adhere to it. 

If, due to force majeure circumstances, the client's deadline changed and the commission needs to be completed faster, an additional fee is calculated based on the project stage and level of work.


The artist holds and retains all right to the commission unless specified otherwise and client has paid a separate fee for rights. The artist may publish the commission in any associated marketing channels and portfolios. 

The client may print the commission for personal, at home use. 

The client may not: 

  • use the commission commercially
  • remove the artist signature/watermark
  • turn the commission into NFTs or use in AI prompts, generation, and training
  • demand for the artist to take down the commission from marketing platforms unless the appropriate fee was paid

Private commissions (not published to social media) are rated at a starting rate of +100% of original price and discussed before payment is sent. 

Commercial work is billed with an entirely separate set of rates, let's talk! :) 


The commission may be canceled by either party before first payment is received by the artist. After the first payment, the commission is set in motion and no refund of first payment may be requested by client. No cancellation or refund may be made after final payment is received by the artist.